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Denver, Colorado

April 26, 2007

I had the opportunity to visit Denver for a conference, couldn’t resist a walk downtown with my good friend the 400D đŸ™‚

(please excuse the weird Jpeg artifacts…)

The Denver City and County Building:

Directly across beyond the Civic Center Park, was the State Capitol, but I decided to take a detour towards the Art Museum. I can’t remember what exactly this building was, it may have been the back end of the Denver Public Library:

The Denver Art Museum Complex:

Okay, now walking slightly uphill to the Capitol. For some reason the color of the leaves made it look like it was fall!

Another view:

too bad the flowers hadn’t bloomed yet in that circle….

Inside the Capitol, there were all these tapestries hanging all over the place, my guess is, as part of an exhibition:

Looking up towards the dome from the inside:


Back outside, from Civic Center Park, looking towards downtown:

I then walked up 16th street mall which is well, a regular old street with shops on both sides… About a mile up the street is Larimer Square where they had much more interesting cafes and restaurants. At night the place looked really nice but I didn’t take my camera…

Right on 16th street is this building called the Daniels and Fisher Tower:

The D & F Tower was apparently the tallest building west of the Mississipi when it was built in 1910. I tried to see if I could go to the top of it, and got into the elevator, but I needed a key to activate the elevator buttons so after a few minutes of looking a little suspicious (luckily nobody was around though!) I left.

And that was my quick downtown Denver tour!

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