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Fall colors in Philadelphia

November 18, 2007

After having waited so patiently for peak colorage, it seems as though this is the weekend to capture the fall in Philly! Friday was one of those days, once in a lifetime opportunity, where the colors were brilliant, the sky was blue, and and clouds were plentiful. Too bad I was working…

Well, Saturday didn’t turn out that bad though. Overcast, chilly, but hey at least it wasn’t raining and the leaves were still on the trees!

First stop was the gazebo where I took pictures of Maryam last spring:

Behind that is this circle of statues in front of Mann Center for the Performing Arts. Not quite sure what they represent. If anyone knows, please drop a line.

Then across the street to Fairmount Park, another gazebo:

Just walking around, and found this really neat looking twisty-branched tree:

(kinda reminds me of a cerebral angiogram!)

Then I drove to West River Drive, there were so many beautiful colors!

I always call these guys “ducks,” especially when I see them in water, but they are geese:

One more:

For some reason the geese gang decided to hang out there and chew up all the grass. And leave a boatload of “presents” on the ground. Luckily, despite all the kneeling I did to take pics, there was no crap on my jeans:)

Bye bye!:

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  1. February 18, 2010 8:45 pm

    love how the reflection of trees on the water creates beautiful scenery.

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