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ISO 12800!!! (HI2) on the Canon 50D

January 10, 2009

Just for fun. Not trying to make a statement one way or the other in terms of usability; that totally depends on the situation. I realize high ISO tests are all over the internet. But think about the following.

Ehaan was sleeping, somewhat lightly. I didn’t want to turn on the lights or use a flash. I shot the below in near total darkness, with just A LAPTOP SCREEN for the light source. A LAPTOP SCREEN. And it wasn’t even a white screen; the average color of the wallpaper is something like this:

First is JPG, straight from camera (otherwise known as “SOC”; I have the in camera high ISO noise reduction set to “Standard;” I know there is some noise reduction taking place). Yes there is noise. Second is after running it through Noiseware.

I mean I wouldn’t make an enlargement out of this, but I wouldn’t have a problem printing this at 4 x 6, which is incredible to me.

At this point, the limitation is not the noise but the ability to focus!

So here you go, f/1.8, 1/80, ISO 12800, sRAW1 on the 50D.


After Noise Reduction:

100% crop of SOC JPG:

100% crop, after Noise Reduction:

Yep, some blurring of details, and still some residual noise and banding in the shadows, but bear in mind this was my first attempt at using Noiseware; I’m sure more experienced folks could eke out something better. But I’m still happy.

And here is the final result, with minor curves adjustment, mild vignetting, and minor selective sharpening (eyelashes, eyebrows, lips):

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