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Japan, Day 3: Toyko (Ginza)

May 17, 2009

We woke up a little late today ’cause were totally wiped out last night… Decided to take it slow and just hang out in Ginza, an upscale neighborhood with lots of high end brand name stores like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, etc. According to, one square foot of real estate in Ginza district’s center can cost more than 100,000 dollars!

So basically we were window shopping mostly, but there were a few specific places I wanted to see. One was the Kabukiza, a theater where traditional Japanese drama(Kabuki) is performed:

Tokyo Kabukiza

Tokyo Kabukiza

Lanterns, Tokyo Kabukiza

Very interesting info on Kabukiza on Wikipedia.

We then headed back to the main street and walked down the street and headed over down south towards the train station. On the way along the side street I spotted this display and stopped to drool a little bit:


Another stop I wanted to make was the Hakuhinkan Toy Park, apparently one of the oldest and largest toy stores in Japan. There were several floors of toys, and definitely some different things, but for some reason I was a little underwhelmed by the “largest toy store” moniker… as opposed to the feeling I got when getting off the elevator on the fifth floor of those various department stores in Yokohama which I was a kid (the fifth floor seemed to be a classic “Toy Floor” designation). Then again, as a kid one’s perspective is totally different so who knows.

There were some nice toys though, and Ehaan played with a bunch of them, and totally had a blast!

Tomorrow’s plan was for a day trip to Hakone, so we decided to head on home to rest for a long day ahead!

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