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Japan, Day 7: Kyoto Part I

May 25, 2009

Another Shinkansen ride, to Kyoto this time:

Bullet train!

There is so much to see there, but we had only a limited time, so we went in prepared to sacrifice a few sights here and there but to hit the highlights.

We arrived at Kyoto station early in the afternoon, and a little hint for those visiting Kyoto for the first time, find the tourist information desk there, they are very helpful (and speak English very well!), and will give you these really handy maps as well. Don’t forget to ask for they Kyoto Walking Guide, it made everything much more efficient with its walking plans.

As we headed to the train to take to our hotel, we saw this display of these super elaborate cakes. Very impressive, although I must say some of the stuff at the Isetan Department store in Shibuya was even better (but they didn’t allow photographs):

Fruit Cakes

Fruit Cakes

We hopped on the subway, got to Karasuma Oike station, and walked towards the hotel. On the way we happened to pass by the Kyoto International Manga Museum, and on their lawn they had a little “cosplay” gathering going on. They prohibited photos unless you paid 10 dollars to get into the lawn, but I quickly snapped a photo from the street just to give an idea:

Dressed up at Kyoto Manga Museum

Lawn at Kyoto Manga Museum

It was already quite late in the afternoon so we couldn’t do much but we did manage to walk over to Nijo-ji (Nijo Castle) although we decided not to go in.

Nijo Castle

We then decided to head back to the hotel to relax and call it a night so we could be nice and fresh for tomorrow.

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