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Japan, Day 8: Kyoto Part II

May 25, 2009

Today we decided to check out the East side of Kyoto, and started off at Nanzen-ji Temple. Some scenes from the Nanzenji Complex:


Stone inscription:

Stone inscription



Near the entrance, people place incense sticks for purification:


I really wanted to check out the ancient aqueduct I heard about, but had no idea where they were; imagine my surprise when I ran into it here!




We then headed (following the Kyoto Walking Guide!) onto the Philosopher’s Walk(Tetsugagu no michi), a path of stone alongside a canal that a university professor is said to have walked on daily for meditation:

Philosopher's Path

Some leaves along the path:


We went about halfway up the path, and headed west towards Heian-Jingu (Heian Shrine). Unfortunately it was starting to become overcast with a little drizzle 😦 The weather forecast said it would rain for the entire time we would be in Kyoto… well, no blue skies like I was hoping for. At any rate, scenes from Heian-Jingu:

Heian-Jingu Shrine grounds

I saw this white omikuji in a sea of pink:

White Omikuji

They look like cherry blossoms!

Pink Omikuji Trees

Other areas of the Shrine:

Fence at Heian-Jingu


We walked down south towards Kiyomizudera and encountered a really nice park (Maruyama Park) on the way. There were some random omikuji tied to a shrub:

Tied Omikuji at Maruyama Park

We saw some girls walking in colorful kimono so E and M tooks photos with them haha:

E and the ladies

M and the ladies

We didn’t have the luxury of time to explore the park unfortunately, but for those with a little more time, I’m sure there is a lot to see.

We walked along narrow streets with old school stores, and quickly stopped in to see a few shrines and temples. It was getting late and unfortunately some had closed, including Ryozenji, which housed this impressive statue of Buddha along the mountainside. I really wanted to go in!!! But alas I could only snap a pic from outside:

Ryozen Kannon

Walking further south towards Kyomizudera, a few random pics:

A hut:

Hut along road

A sign:

Words to live by
(it says “chase work, don’t let work chase you”)

We arrived at Kiyomizudera, and I started feeling ill (over-exhaustion? dehydration?)… I sat down on some steps and hyperventilated a little

About to Pass out

and after about 15 minutes, decided Kiyomizudera was just not going to happen… We trekked back home and I plopped onto bed…

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