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Whale Watching and New England Sand Sculpture Contest

August 3, 2009

* photos taken 7/18/09

Being in Boston, of course one HAS to go whale watching. Overall it was nice, although perhaps not as super exciting as I thought it would be. Maybe it was the particular company we went with, but it seemed like we didn’t spend enough time out at the whale watching spot (Stellwagen Banks, where the whales hang out). If you do decide to go whale watching, go with a fast boat (apparently Boston Harbor Cruises have fast boats, but don’t quote me on that, make sure you check for yourself. Ask them how long the average boat trip is, and how long they typically spend out in the banks)

Regardless, it was certainly a cool experience, hanging out with family and of course trying to spot a whale was also fun. A mother and son whale team came quite close to the boat and did their tail flipping thing. Apparently one of them also did the thing where they jump out of the water like that inusrance company logo but I was on the other side of the boat….

the standard tail shot:

whale watching 2

mother and son (the son has scratches on his back)

whale watching 1

on the boat:

m and e at whale watching

The boat passes by logan airport, and you get to see planes landing quite frequently when you are nearby:

plane landing at logan airport

We then headed over to Revere beach where they had their annual Sand Sculpting Contest. I thought there would be dozens of sculptures but there were maybe five or six, I can’t remember. The biggest sculpture was oddly one that was done to advertise the show’s sponsors. Here are some of the interesting sculptures. I believe the mirror one on the bottom won this year.

sand sculpture at revere beach 1

sand sculpture at revere beach 2

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