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US-Pakistan Foreign Relations Conference

October 19, 2009

My friend Irfan Qureshi, co-founder and President of the Harvard Extension International Relations Club, organized a conference this past Saturday titled “United States-Pakistan Foreign Relations: The Way Forward” (website here and the post-event page including more photos, videos, and articles are here), and asked me to take photographs of the event, to which I happily obliged!

Some prominent people were there and had great discussions about the past, present, and future of US-Pakistan relations. Photos:



The Joseph B. Martin Conference Center, Harvard University, Boston MA:

Joseph B. Martin Conference Center

The conference room:

Joseph B. Martin Conference Room

(From here on, I don’t quite remember the sequence of events, so the photos are probably out of order).

Irfan Qureshi, HEIRC co-founder and president:

Irfan Qureshi, organizer

US Congressman John F. Tierney:

U.S. Congressman John F. Tierney

Dr. Nadeem Afridi, Instructor of Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, President-Elect 2011 for the Association of Pakistani Descent Cardiologists of North America:

Dr. Nadeem Afridi

Dr. Thomas Gaziano, Divisions of Cardiovascular Medicine and Social Medicine and Health Inequalities at Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School:

Dr. Thomas Gaziano

Dr. Saud Anwar, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, President of the Pakistani American Public Affairs Committee:

Dr. Saud Anwar

Dr. Anila Asghar, Assistant Professor at the School of Education, The Johns Hopkins University:

Dr. Anila Asghar

Back to Congressman John Tierney as part of a panel discussion:

U.S. Congressman John F. Tierney in panel discussion

Discussions outside the conference room:


Ambassador Husain Haqqani, Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States :

Ambassador Husain Haqqani

Mr. Ahsan Iqbal, Information Secretary, Pakistan Muslim League (the largest opposition party in Pakistan):

Mr. Ahsan Iqbal

Mr. Sanjay Puri, Executive Director of US India Political Action Committee (USINPAC):

Mr. Sanjay Puri

Mr. Hamid Mir, Pakistani journalist and editor:

Mr. Hamid Mir

Back to Dr. Anwar with Mr. Iqbal in the background:

Dr. Saud Anwar wtih Mr. Ashan Iqbal behind

Aunty asking a question. I think it was somewhat controversial:

Q & A at the US-Pakistan Foreign Relations Conference

Wide angle view during the Q & A session:

Joseph B. Martin Conference Room Q&A session

For more information, please visit the US-Pakistan Foreign Relations Conference Website.

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