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Around Copley Square

October 21, 2009

I was attending a three day conference at the Fairmont Copley Hotel in Copley Square; on the second day, I walked outside during the lunch break and said to myself I HAVE to bring my camera with me the following day, which I did 🙂

I first had my salad on a bench outside, and there were people feeding bread to the pigeons. They circled around a few times so I had a few opportunities to take photos:

Pigeons at Copley Square I

Pigeons at Copley Square II

Pigeons at Copley Square III

Now, some of the incredible architecture in Copley Square. The Boston Public Library :

Boston Public Library

Outside, there are two statues, sculpted by Bela Pratt. One is the Personification of Art. I tried a wide crop:

Personification of Art (wide crop), Boston Public Library

and a square crop:

Personification of Art (square crop), Boston Public Library

and a regular crop, framing her head with the window behind her:

Personification of Art, Boston Public Library

On the other side, there is the Personification of Science:

Personification of Science, Boston Public Library

Above the entrance, it says “Free To All”:

Free to All

Before going inside, some other sights in Copley Square. Across the street to the right of the library is the Old South Church:

Old South Church, Copley Square

Directly facing the library is the Trinity Church which can also be seen in the pictures of the pigeons above. There are so many wonderful things to photograph there but since I was getting low on memory (and needed to get back to the conference in time!), I kept the photos to a minimum. I do need to go back and explore the church more. One neat view is the sculpture of St. Paul on the church contrasting with the modern John Hancock Tower across the street. Even more neat is the fact that you see the reflection of the church on the John Hancock Tower. Contrasting old and new but the old is seen in the new. Hmmmm.

I couldn’t figure out which crop I liked better, so here are two:

St. Paul, Trinity Church I

St. Paul, Trinity Church II

Walking around, there is a statue of Phillips Brooks, by the sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens:

Phillips Brooks Statue at Trinity Church

Now, back to the library. The entrance:

Entrance, Boston Public Library

Entrance II, Boston Public Library

Then you walk past the information desk to the right and the checkout desk to the left and WOW. There is a staircase in front of you, and just absolutely beautiful architecture which I cannot do justice with these photos. I really need to go back and do their walking tour which they offer nearly every day. Here are some scenes inside the McKim building:

Staircase, Boston Public Library

Lion Statue, Boston Public Library

Two Lions, Boston Public Library

Lion Statue, Boston Public Library

Ceiling, Boston Public Library

On the second floor:

Hallway, Boston Public Library

Outside, there is a beautiful courtyard with a fountain and statue (Bacchante and Infant Faun) in the middle:

Statue and Fountain in Courtyard, Boston Public Library

There is an ironic story to the statue. It was given to Charles Follen McKim (the architect of the library) by the sculptor Frederick William MacMonnies, but due to complaints (“drunken indecency” according to this description from the Metropolitan Museum of Art), the statue was given to the Met. Subsequently, several copies of the sculptures were made and placed in various locations including where the original should be right now, the courtyard of the Boston Public Library!!!

Since it is almost Halloween, they had some decorations for the occasion in the courtyard as well:

Halloween Hats in Courtyard of Boston Public Library

My lunch hour almost being over, I headed back to the Fairmont Copley Hotel, which is also quite beautiful inside. Some pictures of the entryway:

Entryway, Fairmont Copley Plaza I

Entryway, Fairmont Copley Plaza II

Entryway, Fairmont Copley Plaza III

All in all, what a great day it was. Listening to the smartest people in the world giving lectures on subjects I am passionate about, and having a chance to take photos during the lunch break!

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