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Hajj – 11th Dhul Hajj: 2nd day of Stoning of Jamarat

November 29, 2009

Overnight, some of the people in our group that were with us in Muzdalifah had performed their Tawaf al Ziyarah. Maryam had kept looking out the window throughout the night to see if it would get a little less populated so we could do ours, however it remained crowded all night…

We went to the Haram for Fajr prayers, then started our Tawaf al Ziyarah. It didn’t seem too crowded in the beginning, however it became progressively crowded through the Tawaf. Following the Tawaf and the customary practices, we headed up to the 2nd floor to perform the Sa’ee. It was so much less crowded than the first floor!

Here is a picture of Al-Safa from the higher level:


Here is a picture of the Sa’ee; note that this picture, which was taken later I believe, is quite deceptive in that it doesn’t look nearly as crowded as it usually was. Imagine this whole area filled with people…


Afterwards, we went back to the hotel for breakfast, then met up with Maryam’s relatives who were also performing the Hajj this year. I was amazed and humbled; they had to WALK everywhere instead of take the bus as our group did most of the time, despite their advanced age. I thought, we shouldn’t be complaining…

Afterwards, Maryam and I took some rest at the hotel. After Zuhr prayers, we again took a local pseudo-cab to Mina for the 2nd day of the stoning of the devil. Thankfully, it only took 20 minutes to Mina this time!

Once in Mina, we stoned the three pillars in succession as required, beginning with the small devil and moving up to the large devil, each with 7 stones, and making dua’s between the small and medium pillars and the medium and large pillars.

Following this, we headed back to Makkah; we found a local pseudo-cab again, and while we were trying to figure out how much he was charging, a nice gentleman who spoke English said we could go ahead and get in the cab, and he would take care of it; he joined us in the cab as well as two of his companions. He turned out to be a Saudi who had studied in the US, and had obtained a PhD in Civil Engineering from Indiana University. He ended up paying for all of us 🙂

Back in Makkah, we prayed Asr at the hotel, then rested a little. We left a little early to the Haram before Maghrib to try a Tawaf, and sat down in the outer aspect of the courtyard of the Kaaba to wait until prayer time, but the guards starting moving people away. We decided to go ahead and start the Tawaf instead of moving back, and if necessary, pray Maghrib in the middle. It was VERY crowded. We made two rounds of the Tawaf, and the the Athaan started! People were now pushing and shoving to get prayer space; this started from the center, closest to the Kaaba, and radiated outwards. There was barely enough space to pray, and some had to pray while standing up continuously.

We prayed this close to the Kaaba:


After prayers, we continued the Tawaf. We tried to touch the Black Stone, so sequentially made our way closer and closer to the Kaaba. We were able to touch the corner before the Black Stone called Rukn-Yamani, which is a corner the Prophet is said to have touched during his Tawaf as well. We continued to stay in the inner most circle until the following corner of the Black Stone, however it was so crowded and seemed dangerous, so we gave up… We did however get an opportunity to see Prophet Ibrahim’s footprint and were able to circle adjacent to the Kaaba for a while.

After this Tawaf, we were totally drained. I was barely able to eat, but had some kabab, then fell asleep

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