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Hajj – 13th Dhul Hajj: Last day in Makkah

December 1, 2009

Today is the last full day we have in Makkah 😦

We got up for Tahajjud at the Haram. It was still very crowded, but we decided to go ahead and perform Tawaf al Wada after Fajr. This may have been the most difficult Tawaf for us, as there were so many people who undoubtedly had to squeeze this ritual in before their groups left. People were getting more angry than usual, perhaps due to the difficulty of performing the Tawaf, yelling “Haram! Haram!” when being shoved.

The problem is, that there are people who instead of going with the flow of the people performing the Tawaf (counterclockwise), attempt for whatever reason to go AGAINST the flow of traffic; this is especially problematic in those that try to do this as a group, for they create a wall in which no forward progress can be made, and even causes some people to get shoved backwards.

We did manage to finish the Tawaf, after 1.5 hours. After the usual prayers and drinking zamzam, we went back to the hotel for breakfast. After a short nap, we had to start packing. We did go outside to buy some gifts. The first few floors of the Makkah Hilton and Towers hotel are filled with stores, including familiar fast food joints:


The rest of the day was again spent between the hotel and praying in the Haram; we ended up on the third floor for Isha, and were able to get a spot very close to the fence with a great view of the Kaaba. We made as many duas as we could. I had a good last look at the Kaaba, and the sea of people circling around it. The people seemed to be moving en masse, with occasional rhythmic waves when being shoved and subsequently shoving back.

Back at the hotel, we were instructed to meet the following day at 5 a.m. in the lobby for our return trip. After finishing packing, we went to bed.

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